"How do I register my workplace?"

If you are the first person from your workplace to sign up, you will not see your workplace on the list of registered teams, and you'll have to register it. You'll then be, by default, the Team Captain (this can be changed later). You will need some basic information about your workplace, including the total number of employees.

As this program is free and can be done on personal time, you should not need official company permission to participate.

"My workplace has multiple locations.  How do I register them all?"

If your workplace has multiple locations, it is best that they are each registered as a separate team (and the "total employees" reported for each one should be for that location only) with separate Captains.

"May I still be a Team Captain if my workplace has already been registered?"

If you were hoping to be the Captain at your workplace but someone beat you to it, you can ask them if you can take over. If they agree, they will need to go to their "Manage your Team" page to make that change. If the person registered as your Team Captain is no longer at your workplace, contact us to make the change.

"I work and ride outside of Oregon or SW Washington.  May I still participate?"

You are welcome to use the site, log trips and make challenges just like everyone else.  However, we will not count you in the final results, as the competition is only for Oregon and SW Washington businesses.  You can call your local bike group and suggest that they buy this website from us for a modest price and run their own challenge.  

"I work for a non-traditional workplace.  May we take part in the Challenge too?"

If you always work from home you can still participate in the challenge by logging your bike trips for meetings, trips to the post office, and other work related errands. If your community group, farmers market, place of worship, book club or social dance would like to participate, contact us to ask how.




"How do I register for the Bike Commute Challenge?"

All you need is a working email address. If you do not have web access at work or during work hours, that is ok. You can log all of your trips weekly or even at the end of the month.

New users will be directed to the Choose Your Participation page, will create a profile, and then our payment page if you chose a donation, membership or merchandise option on the Choose Your Participation page. After your transaction is complete you can return to and visit your trip log page and start logging trips. If you chose not to donate, you will be directed directly to your trip log page after you complete you profile.

Participants with existing log ins from previous challenges will be directed to the Choose Your Participation page upon their frist log in for the 2015 Commute Challenge. You will be asked to update your profile, and your teams profile if you are a captain, and will then be directed to your trip log page. 

After you have completed registration, you will be sent directly to the trip log page on each subsequent log in. 

Deleting a rider

If you are a Team Captain and need to delete a rider from your team roster, you can do so under your trip log page under "My Team" then by selecting "Manage Team" button. 

No internet access

For employees without computer access, Captains can create accounts for and log trips for those participants, but each user account must have a unique email address associated with it.

No email address

Participants can use a private, home email address if they do not have a work email address. Keep in mind that participants may log all of their trips for the week at one time in order to be eligible the weekly prize drawings. Likewise, participants may log their entire month up until two(2) calendar days into the next month in order to be elgible for the monthly prizes.

Multiple workplaces

If you work at multiple workplaces, you can register for both teams and log trips for both teams. Simply use a different email address for each workplace.




Logging in

To log in, click "Register/Sign In" in the top right of the Bike Commute Challenge homepage. The first time you log in you will be routed to a page explaining your personal home page. When you are ready to continue, click "Go to my home page."

Logging a commute

To log a commute, click the appropriate day on the calendar.  You can log commutes for the present day or any day earlier in the month.

The calendar is pre-populated based on the work week you registered. Days you typically work are shaded light grey. Days you typically have off are shaded dark grey. 

Changing a non-workday to a workday

If you log a commute on a day you previously specified as a non-workday, we will assume that you worked that day. There is no need to change that day's status as a non-workday. Simply log a commute for that day.

Changing a workday to a non-workday

If you were sick, took a vacation day, or telecommuted and need to change the status of that day to a non-workday, just click on that day and un-check "I worked."

Changing your commute mileage

If you took the long way to work one day (or the short way, by combining your bike trip with the bus or driving), you can change your commute mileage for that day by clicking on that day and filling in your true mileage in the form.

To change your default commute mileage, log in and then click on "My Profile" on your home page. Click on "Edit Profile" in the orange box on the top of page. Enter your correct round-trip commute mileage in the form and hit "Save changes."

Multiple participants, one computer

Multiple participants using the same computer and browser may find that they are automatically logged-in as one another when they load the website. The browser is saving their login information in a form called "cookies." To overcome this, the browser can be set to not allow cookies or the browser's cookies can be cleared on-demand. To find out how to manage cookies on your browser, use your browser's help menu.  You can also just log out, and then log back in with the correct user name.


If you telecommute to work some days (i.e. work from home), you can report those days on your trip log as telecommute days, and they will not count against your bike commute rate as you did not have a commute.




Forgot your password?

Use the "I forgot my password" link at the upper right hand corner of the page. It will email you a link to change your password.

Changing your default mileage

To change your default commute mileage, log in and then click on "My Profile" on your home page. Then click on "Edit Profile" in the orange box on the top. Enter your correct round-trip commute mileage in the form and hit "Save changes."

Changing your name or team

To change your name or your team, log in and then click on "My Profile" on your home page. Then click on "Edit Profile" in the orange box on the top. After updating your information in the form, hit "Save changes."

Changing your default work week

If you want to change your default work week, and you've already completed the regisration process for this year,  you can send us an email at  Do understand that this will affect your calendar retroactively, so if most of the month has already passed,  you may want to manually update the remaining days that have changed on your trip log rather than making the change for the whole month.





Initiating a Challenge

You may challenge any BCC participant. To initiate a challenge, log in, and then look under "Rider." Select your targets name and then hit "Issue Challenge." You can include a note with the Challenge if you like. If you don't find their name, you can "Invite a friend to join."

Note, only team captains can challenge another team. To challenge another team, head over to the team's profile under "Standings" and click the challenges button at the top. 

Accepting a Challenge

To accept a Challenge that someone has sent you, click the link (or copy and paste it into your browser) included in the email (sent from ""). The Challenge will now automatically appear in the red area of your home page once you log in.

Rejecting a Challenge

If you do not wish to accept a Challenge, simply ignore the Challenge email. The person who Challenged you does not have access to your email address through the website.

Deleting an existing Challenge

If you are engaged in a Challenge and no longer wish to be, email us to request that we delete it. Be sure to specify the names of both challengers.




Understanding your statistics

The statistics you see on your calendar page for yourself, your challengers, your teammates and all BCC participants apply to that calendar month only. In other words, if it is the last day in August, they will reflect everyone's performance in the month of August, even if most people only signed up at the very end of the month. They will reset, therefore, on the first day of September, and again in October.

The "Stats" in the blue area presents a summary of your individual progress. Your teams progress, and our collective stats as an entire community of bicyclists.

Your Bike Trips is the number of round trips you've made by bike. Each day is made up of one complete round trip, or two half trips. So if you rode both to and from work, that is 1.0 round trip. If you biked to work, but got a ride home, that is 0.5 trips for that day.

Your Commute rate is the number of trips you biked to work divided by the number of days you worked.

Your Miles should represent the number of miles you rode to and from work. Side trips for errands, excercise or the sheer joy of riding are highly encouraged. But those miles do not count toward your base commute trip milage. 

Team Commute Rate is 0%?

If you are a Captain and you see your Team Commute Rate is displaying 0%, that is likely because you have not told us how many employees are at your workplace. Go to "Manage my team" and fill in your workplace data.

How we calculate CO2 emissions saved

As you might imagine, this figure would vary depending on a number of factors, but on average, according to the EPA and the Energy Information Adminstration,

Pounds of avoided CO2 emissions = X miles * 0.98 lbs/mile

Based on a person driving alone in a vehicle getting 20 miles per gallon under commuting (city) conditions.

How we calculate calories expended

Obviously, the number of calories you burn depends on a host of factors unique to each person and ride, so this is definitely an approximation. But based on averages from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, here's how we do it:

Miles X 49 calories = total calories burned while cycling

The average person weighing 154 lbs bicycling at 12 mph will burn about 49 calories per mile (extrapolated from an approximate rate of 590 cal/hr). Calories burned per hour will be higher for persons weighing more than 154 lbs and lower for persons who weigh less.

Again, this does not take into account hills or the energy efficiency of the bicycle or any other natural weight, strength or gender variations. This also does not account for calories burned while not cycling due to increased overall health or metabolic rate.

For your personal performance statistics from prior years, simply download your stats from the "Trip Log" page. For your workplace performance statistics from prior years, please contact your team captain who can download the team stats from the "Manage Team" page. 




Is my email address available to my teammates?

Your email address is not available or visible to any other BCC participants other than your Team Captain until you respond to a message from them. Participants may send one another individual messages, and Captains may message their entire team at once, but your email address is never visible to teammates sending you messages through the site, unless you respond.

Is my profile visible to others?

Your public profile is visible to everyone, and your real name is visible to your teammates.  If you don't want website users on other teams to be able to view your progress, then choose a nickname on the "Edit Profile" page, and check the box next to "Display a nickname instead of my real name." 


Because there is no secure personal information or financial information involved in the BCC, data sent to and from the BCC website is not encrypted. If you made a donation or merchandise purchase when signing up for the Challenge, the payment page your visted was a separately hosted encrypted site.

How will the BTA use my email address?

We will use your email address to keep you informed about the current month-long Challenge, to ask you at the end of the Challenge to become a member of the BTA, and to announce the beginning of next year's Challenge. We will not sell your email address. At any time you can opt in to receiving the BTA's montly e-news or opt out of BTA emails altogether by clicking the unsubscribe link in one of our emails.

Upon request and at our discretion, we may also allow local transit district or bicycle advocates to send, through us, an email to BCC Captains during the Challenge informing them of local BCC events, transportation options or other opportunities.

Why is the BTA asking for my address and phone number this year?

This year the Bicycle Transportation Alliance is providing the option for BCC participants to provide their address and phone number and requiring that all participants provide a home zip code.  Zip codes may be used along with workplace addresses to map generally where folks are biking.  (If such mapping occurs, no one will be able to view your personal information.)

We may use your address or phone number to contact you regarding transportation plans that affect your neighborhood or to share other opportunites to get involved with the BTA.  We will not sell, share, or trade your information with anyone else.

Why are you asking for gender and birth year? One of our organization's goals is to broaden access to biycling,  Knowing the age, gender, and zipcodes of our participants helps us evaluate if we're meeting our outreach goals. We've intentionally left the gender field totally open, so please respond as feels appropriate to you.




Contacting your captain

To contact your team captain, click on their name in the list of My Team Riders area under your personal trip calendar.

Changing captains

If you no longer want to be captain of your team, please find a replacement captain, make sure that person is registered on your team, and then choose their name in the drop down "Captain" menu on your "Manage My Team" page.

Emailing your team

Captains have the ability to email their teams (other participants can only send messages to one teammate at a time). To email your team, use the button in the Team Admin area of your personal page that says "Send a message to your team."

Be careful not to email your team too much. Most people will not want to receive messages from you more than once a week. When in doubt, you can create an "opt-in" list by emailing your team once and asking that anyone who is interested in receiving email updates from you reply and say so.

Your team will automatically receive a weekly email from the BTA about the program and a final email in October announcing the results.

Adding and deleting riders

To delete a rider, hit the "My Team" button, then hit "Manage Team."  You can then view a list of team members and delete as needed.  If you need to delete a profile for one rider who has multiple profiles, you can view their last log-in date in order to judge which is the out-of-date profile.

To add a rider, "Invite a friend" and enter the person's email address. Tell them to join your team at registration.

Editing your company profile

Captains can change the name, address and category of their company team and can adjust the number of employees at their company using the "Manage Team" button on your Team page. You must be logged in as captain in order to see the "Manage Team" button. Make sure you total number of employees is up to date; this number has a direct effect on your team's commute rate!

Logging trips for teammates 

Perhaps the greatest team captain super power is the ability to log trips for your teammates. Whether it's just hard for coworkers to get to a computer or mobile device, or someone's out sick at the end of the month, team captains can log trips on teammates calendars by clicking "trip log" next to their name on the "My team" list on your trip log page.

Exporting team data

Captains can export team data using a link available on their Manage page, through the "Manage your team" button in the light-blue Team Admin area of the personal page.




Web browsers is designed to work on all modern browsers: Internet Explorer v.6 and v.7; Firefox; Safari v.2 and v.3; and Camino; both Mac and PC. If you're getting strange results, and you have javascript turned on (see below), you may want to upgrade the version of your browser.

Is javascript required?

Javascript is required. The site will probably work without it, but your experience will be dramatically improved if you turn it on.




If these resources don't help you, contact the BCC web team:

If, after contacting us, you resolve your problem independently, you can email us again and say "problem solved" to retract your request.